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Getting on the List

Eventually, all scouts who have set their goals to earn all of the merit badges will ask the question of how to get on this list. The way to do it is actually quite simple. All we request is that scouts and/or parents provide one of the following methods of verification.

1. Copy of a published news report regarding the scout's accomplishment.
2. Copy of the scout's ScoutNet report from the local council office. This report is quite easy to obtain in that the council registrar can e-mail this report directly to a scout or parent.
3. Copy of a council press release, OA lodge newsletter, congratulatory letter from the council, or other similar document produced by the council regarding the scout's accomplishment.
4. In some cases, other methods are accepted, but this would be on a case-by-case basis.

These documents can be e-mailed to us by clicking here. If needed, we can also accept these documents via fax. Please e-mail us for this fax number if desired.

Please keep in mind that this verification procedure does not supplant any of Boy Scouts of America's procedures for verifying any accomplishment of a scout. Similarly, our verification procedure is not meant to be an official statement of Boy Scouts of America, and it does not suggest that Boys Scouts of America should take any action because of this unofficial verification. We also do not seek to discredit or verify with Boy Scouts of America the accomlishments published in items 1-4 above. That is beyond the scope of this website as discussed in the page Purpose of this Site. However, if there are obvious errors in reporting we reserve the right to adjust information in an effort to be as accurate as possible.

Please also keep in mind that we update this site as we have time. We generally will receive several requests to be added to the list before I am able to process them. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

For any additional questions, please e-mail us by clicking here.

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