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Award Square Knot

As mentioned in the introduction, we have petitioned Scouts BSA to create an award knot representing the achievement of additional merit badges and continued service and leadership beyond the rank of Eagle (while still youth) in scouting. If you would like to read the proposal, please click here for the latest submission.

In the proposal we have suggested the design of the knot. The following image is an actual photo of the knot:

Merit Badge Knot

The design is centered around two ideas.  The first is the red, white, and blue background.  These colors represent the colors of the Eagle Scout rank which is a foundation achievement to those scouts who continued on to earn all of the merit badges.  The colors are in the same order as on the Eagle Scout badge and medal.

The second idea is that the two strands represent the merit badges.  The silver strand represents and is the same color as the outline of the set of required merit badges.  The olive strand represents and is the same color as the outline of the set of elective merit badges. 

The part of the design that sets this knot apart from others is that the border colors bleed from the field colors.  The stitch patterns between the border and field create a slight contrast that makes the border stand out.  This simple design is clear, concise, and easily understandable.  The knot is fully embroidered and looks sharp! We are very pleased with how they turned out. In the proposal we have included three lower tiers of qualification. Please refer to the proposal for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing this knot, please contact us. Knot purchases are restricted to scouts who are on the list.

Also, please be sure to read the "Why Knot?" and "Special Note" pages on this website for more information on the purpose and history of this knot.

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