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Welcome to meritbadgeknot.com, the site that celebrates Boy Scouts who have earned all the merit badges during their time as a youth scout.  These scouts and stories about their achievements are archived here in our Achievers Registry.

For immediate updates regarding scouts on our registry, please follow our Facebook page by clicking on the following icon:


Eagle Scout is the highest rank awarded to youth scouts in the Boy Scouts of America; unfortunately, only a small percentage of all scouts achieve this rank.  Out of those who reach the rank of Eagle, only a portion of them continue to remain active in the program increasing their own skills and experience as well as offering their leadership and skills to the other scouts in their troops. Scouts who continue to be active in the program have many activities available to them, the broadest of which is the merit badge program. Scouts who continue to be leaders in their troops and who continue to earn merit badges are awarded Eagle Palms for their service.

Most Eagle Scouts earn enough merit badges to reach the rank of Eagle, plus a few more, depending on their interest in new topics of study. Some have dedicated themselves to broadening their studies and experience by earning many more merit badges above what is required for Eagle.

Until the production of this website, it has been commonly understood that no listing of these scouts exists and that not even BSA has maintained a list of scouts who have earned all merit badges.

If you are one of these scouts or know of one of these scouts, please contact us so we can include this accomplishment on this site.  We may request additional verification information.

As unfortunate as this is, we do request that all users of this website read the Purpose of this Site. This is to make sure that nobody inadvertently thinks that this site is something that it is not. Read it and you will understand.

In conjunction with this registry of outstanding scouts, we have designed and created a beautiful square knot patch for this achievement.  This is not an official BSA award. For more information on the design of this knot, please visit the Award Square Knot page. To understand the idea and concept of this knot, please visit the Why Knot? page.

If you would like a copy of our proposal to BSA for your personal review, please click here.

While BSA National Council has not yet accepted this idea, we are proud to know that one Council at least likes the knot design as they have recently used our image on a banner in front of their council offices (see below). Hopefully they will get lots of questions about it!

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