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This site’s main goal is to provide a registry for individuals who have accomplished the achievement of earning all merit badges of the Scouts BSA during their time as youth scouts. As a secondary goal, this website provides, for sale, patches celebrating this accomplishment.

What information we collect on this website:

This website does not include interactive data collection forms. However, this website does include links allowing the user to submit electronic mail communication with us through their client e-mail application. This site does request information from website users regarding individuals who have accomplished certain achievements in the Scouts BSA. This site will not create cookie information on users' computers. This site does not include any e-commerce applications. However, individuals may contact us via this website to purchase patches; these transactions will be arranged outside of this website and will be subject to rules governing the mode of transaction selected. Children 12 and under should not enter data via this site’s e-mail application links. The information requested on this website consists of the individual's name, location, Scouts BSA rank achieved and date achieved, the number of merit badges earned, and the date of completion of these merit badges.

Other methods for collecting information for this website:

We will on occasion perform online searches for individuals who have earned all merit badges in the Scouts BSA. This search focuses on information reported by news organizations in the public domain. It is generally assumed that these reports were published with permission. We will also on occasion make requests to individuals, on message boards, or through other methods to attempt to locate additional individuals.

What we do with personal information we gather:

We use information collected to create a registry of individuals who have achieved all merit badges as youth in Scouts BSA. Additional information provided above what has been requested will not be posted to this website will be held confidential. We will verify to the best of our ability through public resources (newspaper and magazine articles, press releases, and more) or individual contact with these individuals that this information is correct. If any individual listed on the registry requests their name to be removed from the registry, we will do so. We will maintain the remaining information to maintain an accurate count of these achievers.

Notice to parents: Policies regarding children

This site would potentially be found to be of interest to children ages 12 and under. Children 12 and under are not permitted to submit communication through this website's e-mail links. Parents and guardians of children ages 12 and under should submit communication for such children. We will not solicit or collect detailed information, such as addresses and telephone numbers, without the consent of a parent or guardian. www.meritbadgeknot.com does not and will not condone a child’s participation in any online activity or the child’s disclosure of more personal information than is necessary to participate in that activity.

This site does not use online chat or message board communication.

Please note that this site does reference third-party public announcements such as magazine and newspaper articles, press releases, and other publications regarding the scouts on the list. In these public announcements individuals under age 18 may be referenced by their full names.

We would like to encourage you to speak with your child about using the Internet. Keeping their personal information private regardless of what site they are visiting is important and should be discussed with them directly.

Confirmation and corrections:

You may confirm or correct the information we have collected about you or your child at any time by contacting us by e-mail. Please provide your contact information and details of the information that must be corrected.

Links to other sites:

This website may provide links to websites that are not under the control of www.meritbadgeknot.com. If you visit one of these sites, you should review its privacy policy and terms of use. We are not responsible for the actions or policies of other companies' and organizations’ websites.

Contacting us:

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or any practices used on this site, please contact us by e-mail.

Other notes:

This privacy policy is meant to comply with Scouts BSA policies, although this website is a private website and not affiliated with Scouts BSA. This compliance is meant as a good-faith gesture as the content of this website is related to activities of Scouts BSA.

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